The need for innovative ways of working and leading due to covid19 pandemic

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way employers and their employees have to work. Social distancing is imperative during the ongoing threat to public health, meaning that teams of co-workers collaborating in office buildings is no longer possible.

Like the majority of workplaces across the globe, colleagues are working from home. They have had to adjust to remote working and get used to interacting via digital platforms, like Zoom. However, communicating via video conferencing can be unexpectedly effective and highly productive.

There are also positives to remote working, such as not having to sit for hours in traffic, but the widespread uncertainty also causes feelings of fear and anxiety. It is essential to take care of your team members, ensuring you empathise, communicate and lead them effectively through these unprecedented times.

Give accurate and clear communication

If your team members do not receive accurate and precise information about how to proceed with their roles, and how to handle the virus responsibly, they are more than likely to create their narratives.
You can show leadership by giving your team accurate and clear communication. However, you must not limit your communication to your company expectations. You must also include technical information about the health crisis, such as practical actions your company has undertaken and how your team can stay safe using general health practices.
Emails may go days not being read by team members, so it is essential to engage staff in virtual workspaces that provide them with updates in real-time.

Focus on the opportunities during the crisis

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic presents numerous challenges to businesses worldwide, it also presents opportunities. To be a strong leader during this time, use this opportunity to communicate genuinely and re-evaluate how your company did things previously.

Focus on how effective video conferencing can be and examine how productive your team can be while working remotely or having flexible schedules. You now have the chance to test new paradigms, and this is essential to you rebuilding how your company operates as you can retain the practices that are working well once the current crisis is over.

As a company, you are now more likely to place an increased focus on business continuity planning. If you have not started digitising your workflows, now is the time to invest in technological assistance for the future. Sharing knowledge, best practices, and continuously learning from each other during this crisis is vital in knowing how to move forward.

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